Privacy Notice

We take charge of customer’s personal information to provide various service.
We follow the law about personal information, and deal with it appropriately.
 1. Acquiring personal information
We acquire personal information properly, not by other illegally ways.
 2. Using personal information
We use your personal information for accomplishing below purpose.
We will get agreement from the customer before if we use the personal information for other way from below.
 (1) delivering the ordered products

 3. Safety management of personal information
We take a move for preventing a leakage, loss, and damage of the personal information, and other safety management of personal information necessary and appropriate.
 4. Personal information in trust
We investigate a third party strictly, in case of giving in trust with a part or all of our dealing personal information. Moreover, we superintend a third party necessary and appropriately to be used in trusted personal information’s safety management.
 5. Offering personal information to a third party
We will not offer personal information to a third party without the person’s own agreement except in case of regulation of the Personal Data Protection Law.

 6. Presenting, correction, and etc. of personal information
We present your personal information immediately when you require to do.
However, we do not present it if we cannot identify of an individual.
When there is an error in your personal information, and you request the correction, addition, and deletion, we correspond to them immediately after investigation. However, we cannot correspond the request if we cannot identify of an individual.


*Important Notice*

About “Copying and reproduction of article contents or pictures without permission”

  Please, refrain from copying and reproduction of our articles and pictures without our permission.


If you have any request or inquiry about our personal information’s dealing, please contact us.






Additional notice for “General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)” . <Sep. 7th, 2018 edidt>




Privacy Policy (Towards “General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)” policy enforcement.)


福富株式会社(Blooming Factoryの運営会社、以下「弊社」という。)では、欧州経済領域(以下、「EEA」という。)内に居住する個人(以下「お客様」という。)の個人的なデータ(以下「個人データ」という。)の取扱い方針を以下のとおり定めます。 「個人データ」とは、本人の氏名、住所、生年月日、性別、電話番号、電子メール・アドレス、会社名及びIPアドレスその他のオンライン識別子などを含め、お客様を特定することができるデータをいいます。

Fukutomi Co. Ltd.; a management company of Blooming Factory, (hereinafter referred to “The Shop”) decide on the shop’s policy for handling personal data (hereinafter referred to “Personal Information”) of individual clients (hereinafter referred to “Customers”) who live is European Economic Area (hereinafter referred to “EEA”) as follow. “Personal Information” include the person’s Name, Address, Date of Birth, Sex, Phone Number, E-mail Address, Company Name, Online Identifier like IP Address and nay other date which can be recognized Customers.




Managing Personal Information include Collection, Record, Conservation, Reference, Utilization, Release, Released by transmission, Dispatch or other utilization and offer, Matching/Combining, Restriction, Elmination/Destruction, and any other operations related to Personal Information, no matter by automatically or manually.


1. 弊社における個人データの取扱いの目的

 The Shop’s Purpose of Handling Personal Information



The Shop’s handling Personal Information is used for Selling our products, Marketing research, Products’ management, Improving the quality of our service, and other clients’ management.


2. 追加的な取扱い

 Additional Handling



In case of handling Personal Information for other purpose the above-mentioned, The Shop will inform about the new additional purpose or other matters to Customers in advance, by obeying correspond law, legally.


3. 個人データの取扱いへの同意

 Agreement for Personal Information Handling



By expressing the agreement for this Privacy Policy, The Shop will handle Customers’ Personal Information based on the agreement. However, Customers can take back the agreement anytime. Yet, the taking back the agreement is not influence compliance of Personal Information handling based on agreement before tacking back it.



The Shop might request Customers to provide Personal Information to be related to our offering service or information. However, please understand of that if Customers are not providing the Personal Information, there is a possibilities that The Shop cannot offer our service or information.


4. 移転




By expressing the agreement for this Privacy Policy, Customers are considered as agreed with handling Customers’ Personal Information in Japan where have not judged for highly enough protection level by European Commission, yet.



The Shop will take organizational and technical Security Control Measures, in terms of handling Personal Information we corrected from Customers.



To carry out laid down Personal Information handling purpose the above-mentioned, The Shop might transfer the corrected Personal Information to Cloud Service Company, Outside Contractor, or other third parties. These third parties’ company are included several companies located in countries outside of EEA; include Japan, United States of America, and others, and sane applies hereafter. Therefore, The Shop consider that Customers agreed to the items mentioned below by agreeing to this Privacy Policy.


(1) 個人データがEEA外の第三者に移転されること

  Personal Information transfer to third parties located outside of EEA.

(2) 個人データが移転され、弊社がお客様の個人データを開示するEEA外の第三者により上記で定める各目的のために処理が行われること

  The Shop’s corrected Personal Information is transferred to third parties located outside of EEA, and the third parties process the information for each purpose the above-mentioned.



When The Shop transfer Personal Information to the third parties located outside of EEA, We make sure of taking sufficient measures for Personal Information protection, by, such as, concluding standard contract clause based on “General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)”.


5. データ主体の権利

 Rights for Data Subject



Customers can apply data Accessing, Corrections, Delete, Processing Restriction, Exception for Processing, or Data Portability, which are relating to our retaining Personal Information by following related laws and regulations, to The Shop.



In addition, Customer can take exception about The Shop or Customers’ Personal Information processing to data protection authorities, which have jurisdiction over the area where the Customers addresses are located.


6. 連絡先




Please make a contact to The Shop if you have inquiries or unclear points for The Shop Personal Information handling, any applies for Accessing, Corrections, Delete, Processing Restriction, Data Portability, or exception for handling.



Please make a contact to The Shop from the link below.


7. 適用法令の遵守

 Applicable Law Compliance



The Shop observe “General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)” and any other related law with following controlling government agency, about Personal Information handlings.


8. 保持期間

 Retention Period



The Shop will retain corrected Personal Information as long as it is necessary to provide our service to Customers.


9. 安全管理措置

 Security Control Measures



The Shop will take organizational and technical Security Control Measures for handling Personal Information.


10. 「本プライバシーポリシー」の改定

  Revision of this Privacy Policy



The Shop may change this Privacy Policy without prior notice for individual Customers, by disclosing revised Privacy Policy on The Shop’s Web site.


If you have any request or inquiry about our personal information’s dealing, please contact us. Thank you.