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  *Alias: (the different way of saying/name, in other words)



・”Art Flower”

 … One of the categories of art, for making flowers and leaves with fabrics, established in Japan.

   *Alias: “Nunohana” (fabric flower in Japanese <Nuno (布) = fabric, and Hana (花) = flower>),

      “Somebana” (dyed flower in Japanese <Some (染め) = dye, and  Hana (bana) (花) = flower>),

     “Silk Flower”, “Fabric Flower”, “Artificial Flower”, “Flower making”




 … “Bonds” are a type of glue to attach fabrics, shape flowers, arrange/structure flowers, or taping for stem.

   Blooming Factory deal in “Hard” and “Soft” types of Bonds, and these Bonds are made for “Art Flower”,

   so this glue can be used for fabrics, of course.


   “Hard” bond is going hard faster, so it is suitable for structuring/shaping flowers or taping stems.

   Of course, for arranging flowers, as well.

   *Go to product’s page: “Bond for Artificial Flower, Hard Type


        “Soft” type bond is loose compare to “Hard” one, so it is easier to spread out this glue widely.

   It is suitable for pasting fabrics together.

   *Go to product’s page: “Bond for Artificial Flower, Soft Type

     *Alias: Glue, Adhesive, Starch, Binder




 … All fabrics deal in Blooming Factory are made as Art Flower Clothes/Fabrics,

  so all of them are starched and can be dyed.

 *Alias: Fabric, Tissue, Material



・”Clothes/Fabrics main category and structures”

 … ― Taffeta

     ― Twill

  ― Satin

    *Go to <About Fabric’s Structures> page



・”Cutout Petals“  

 … Variety of shaped (cut out) clothes/fabrics.

     In case of that amount of tiny pieces of petals/leaves or very small complex shaped patterns are necessary,

  “Cutout Petals” are very useful and helpful.

         *Go to product’s page: “Cutout Petals” categorized by each fabric materials, followed below. 

  Superfine Satin, Gold Satin, Momen (Cotton), Thin Silk (Usukinu), Superfine Poplin, Siru,

  Organdy, Lawn, Superfine Velvet, New Superfine Velvet, New Satin, Soft Leather




 … One of the materials to color fabrics or others for Art Flower making. (Fabric dye)

     Blooming Factory deal in 2 types of dyes as large categories; “Powder Dyes” and “Liquid Dyes”.

       @ “Powder Dyes”

   Blooming Factory deal in “Roapass F Color”; 18 colors, and “Roapass Flower Hana”; 1 color (Black),

   for Powder Dye Series.

   Making colors with dissolving color powders (“Roapass F Color” or “Roapass Flower Hana”) by water.

   Depend on how much water to use or mixing dissolved colors,

   deep/dark or light colors and varieties of original colors can be made.

    *Go to product’s page: “Roapass F Color”, “Roapass Flower Hana

    **Color Chart

  @” Liquid Dyes”

   Blooming Factory deal in “Roapass Rosti”; 14 colors, as “Liquid Dyes”.

   “Roapass Rosti” can be used directly (already made to use).

   Also, add some water to make light colors or mix colors to make your original colors.

   It is already made to use, so beginners can use this dyes as the first steps for easily.

   On the other hand, it is difficult to make darker/deep colors.

   Roapass Rosti, is the water based color (alcohol free), so International shipping is available.

    *Go to product’s page: “Roapass Rosti

    *Alias: Color, Color Paint



・”Ironing Board“    

 … “Ironing Board” is a flat sponge to put under fabrics when you use Iron (Soldering Iron) for flower making.

  Blooming Factory deal in 4 types of Ironing Boards with different softness (flexibilities) and its colors;

  Hard (White and Black), Medium (Black), and Soft (Pink)

   *Go to product’s page: “Ironing Board

     * Alias: Ironing Sponge, Iron Sponge Plate, Ironing Plate



・”Iron Tip“ 


 … “Iron Tip” is a tool to attach Iron Body (Soldering Iron for flower making).

  By changing the tips/point/edge tools, variety of line or shapes can be created.

         *Go to product’s page: “Iron Tip

  *Alias: Iron Tools, Soldering Iron Tips/Tools, Ironing Edge Tools, Flower Tools,

      Flower Making Tools, Fabric Flower Making Tools



・”Jimaki Wire”   

 … ”Jimaki Wire” have 2 types; “36cm, Ryogiri Wire” and “72cm, Half Bent Wire”.

   Jimaki Wire series (“36cm, Ryogiri” and “72cm, Half Bent”) are made from

  wire core (each sizes) wrapped by thin paper.

  Depend of the paper colors, the wires colors are decided.

  Since “Jimaki Wire” are wrapped by paper, the paper can be dyed by colors.

  At this time, Blooming Factory’s fabric dyes;

  Roapass F Colors, Roapass Flower Hana: Black, Roapss Rosti, can be used.

  @ “36cm, Ryogiri Wire

   “Ryogiri” means that both side (edges) are cut off in Japanese. “36cm, Ryogiri Wire” is a products’ name.

   There are 4 colors for “36cm, Ryogiri Wire”; White, Green, Brown, and Black.

   Depend on the sizes for wires, the color variation would be White only, White and Green only, something like that.

  @ “72cm, Half Bent Wire

    “72cm, Half Bent Wire” is 72cm long but it is folded into half size; 36cm.

   There are 2 colors for “72cm, Half Bent Wire”; White and Green.

   Depend on the sizes for wires, the color variation would be only white.




 … “Peps” are used as flower cores to make flowers.

  This is made from flour-like powder, and it is possible to dye.

  However, Peps are very weak in water since it is made from powder.

  Therefore, when dying Peps, please be careful to not dissolve the point/tip of Peps.

   *Go to product’s page: “Peps

   *Alias: Stamens, Flower Cores, Flower Centre



・”Plain Ball”   

 … “Plain Balls” are made from Styrene.

  “Plain Balls” are used for flower cores by attaching shaped and dyed flower petals to the around.

   There are 2 shapes for “Plain Ball”; “Flower Core” (teardrop-shaped) and “Ball” (round-shaped),

   and there are range of different sizes to choose.

 *Alias: Flower Core, Flower Stuffing




 … “Postage” is the cost for sending parcels (boxes/packages).

 *Alias: Shipping Fee, Shipping Cost, Delivery Cost, Delivery Fee

   *Go to <About Postage> page



・”Pure (100%) Silk“  

 … “Pure Silk” Clothes/Fabrics are made from threads collected from silkworm cotton.

  “Pure Silk” (100% silk) is very high-quality and expensive clothes/fabrics with its shiny appearance and

  exclusive smooth touching.

 … “Pure Silk Satin Crepe No.10is called Nume in other word.

  “Pure Silk Satin Crepe No.14 is called Fine Nume in other word.

  *Alias: Natural Silk




 … There are 4 types of “Tapes”;

  “Thin Silk (Usukinu) Tapes”, “Paper Tapes”, “Flora Tapes”, and “Stem Tapes”.

  These “Tapes” are mainly used for taping stems.

  @“Thin Silk (Usukinu) Tapes” 

   2 colors are available; “White” and “Green”

   There are 3 different sizes (width) for each colors; W=5mm, 8mm, 12mm (Approx.)

   “Thin Silk (Usukinu) Tapes” are made from Thin Silk (Usukinu), so this tape is light and strong.

   Also, since “Thin Silk (Usukinu) Tapes” are made from Thin Silk (Usukinu),

   it can be dyed by your favorite colors to adjust your beautiful flower.

   “Thin Silk (Usukinu) Tapes” are not stick by itself, “Bonds” (glue) is needed.

  @“Paper Tape” 

   There are 14 colors for “Paper Tape”; Beige, Black, Brown, Green, Grey, Olive Green, Pink, White,

                     Yellow, New Hiwa, and Hiwa13S.

   The tape width is 9mm for all colors. “Paper Tapes” are made from paper, so it is very light.

   Therefore, it is good for using to make wearable flowers like corsages and brooches.

   ”Paper Tape” does not have its stickiness, so Bond (glue) is necessary to use.

  @“Flora Tape” 

   8 colors are available; Black, Brown, Green, Mint Ivory, Moss Green, Olive Green, Light Green, White.

   The width of “Flora Tape” is 12.5mm for all colors.

   “Flora Tape” has water resisting processed and have its elasticity.

   “Flora Tape” is useful to structure or arrange up

   Art Flower (Nunohana, Silk Flower, Somebana, Fabric Flower) or living flowers.

   ”Flora Tape” have its stickiness.

  @“Stem Tape” 

   There are 4 colors; Brown, Green, Light Green, Olive.

   The width of “Stem Tape” is 20mm. “Stem Tape” is made from paper,

   so it is light. Also “Stem Tape” have its stickiness.



・”Thin Silk“  

 … “Thin Silk” is one type of cloth/fabric categories.

    **Go to product’s page: “Thin Silk” is one type of cloth/fabric category.

   *Alias: Usukinu (Thin Silk in Japanese)



・ “Threads”

 … Mainly, there are 4 types of threads to weave our fabrics; “Bemberg”, “Rayon”, “Lame”, and “Pure Silk”


@ “Bemberg”

   “Bemberg” is a brand name (trademark; TM) for “Cupra fiber” from AsahiKasei Fibers & Textiles SBU.

   This is made from “Cotton Linter” – the fuzz around the cotton seeds.

   Rayon thread cannot be used for very fine thread to make thin clothes/fabrics like “Thin Silk (Usukinu)”,

   Our company use “Bemberg” thread for weaving Art Flower

   (Nunohana, Silk Flower, Fabric Flower, Somebana) clothes/fabrics, since 1969.



 Generally, Viscose Rayon is called as “Rayon”. “Rayon” is regenerated fiber; made from pulp (wood chips.)



 Lame threads are made from metal deposited polyester film by slicing into thread shapes


@“Pure Silk” (100% Silk, Natural Silk)

 “Pure Silk” Clothes/Fabrics are made from threads collected from silkworm cotton.



・”Unbleached Color”

 … “Unbleached Color” is one type of clothes/fabrics.

  The fabrics’ name with “Fluorescent White” or other color names,

   it means that the fabrics/threads to make are dyed with the color.

   Fluorescent White color fabrics are dyed with fluorescent white.

  However, “Unbleached Color” is the original color of the thread, 

  so the “Unbleached Color” fabrics are undyed fabrics.