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Way of Payment  About Delivery  About Postage  Returning Policy


◎Way of Payment

PayPal and Credit Card payment are acceptable, now.


After your order has received, we well-pack all your ordered items to calculate the postage which will be told via e-mail afterwards, for each time.

Then, after the reply with your confirmation of the way of delivery and the postage has received, the final payment amount will be calculated (ordered items total + chosen postage)


If you choose “PayPal” as you payment method.

PayPal invoice (You ordered items’ total amount + the postage you chose) will be sent, later postage confirmation is received

(The deadline for the PayPal invoice is 10 days after the invoice has sent.)


If you choose Credit Card as you payment method.

Postage will be added after the confirmation e-mail has received, to finalize your payment amount.


Whenever the payment has checked, your parcel will be dispatched.


*→About Postage


◎About Delivery

All parcels to overseas are dispatched by “Japan Post”.


After the parcel has sent, the parcel tracing number will be told by e-mail, so please check it.

You can also trace your parcel by the tracing number at Japan Post’s web page.

Please refer the link follows.

(Please note that the parcel tracing service will be updated after each section has passed. Also, depend on the country, the tracing updates will be delays. Thank you for your understanding.)


Japan Post     Parcel Trace Service



◎About Postage

After the order has settled, all your ordered items will be well-packed and weight them with a box to calculate the postage for each time.


*Please note that the postage does not include any commissions, packing materials fee, and other fees. Therefore, we cannot make any discount for the postage. Thank you very much for your understandings.

You can check the estimated (approximate) postage to your country from Japan Post web page. Please refer that for the postage from Japan to your countries.

(The parcel will be sent by EMS or International Parcel Post (Air mail / SAL) delivery.)


Rate schedules for International Mails (Parcels)


Postage Calculation

Calculating the postage by entering the weight of the parcel.

(check with “Parcel (package)”, entering the “weight”, choose the prefecture:

“Fukui”, and choose the delivery county or region to be delivered parcel)



◎Returning Policy


Basically, we do not accept returning and exchanging items after it had dispatched. Please let us know by e-mail as soon as possible, in case of that you received wrong or inferior items. Thank you very much for your cooperation.