Why “Blooming Factory”?


 ① Originated from Fabric Manufacture

Blooming Factory is a web shop brad for Art Flower materials, established by a company

originated from Fabric Manufacture. Therefore, we can provide very wide range of

Clothes/Fabrics to our customers from all over the world. Blooming Factory have quite amount

of stocks for Clothes/Fabrics, as well. Moreover, it is available to take major amount of fabrics’

(Clothes’) orders!

In addition, since Blooming Factory is originated from fabric manufacture, there are stuff who

have full knowledge of Clothes/Fabrics. It is very welcome to receive any questions for Fabrics

(clothes). Also, if you are not sure which Clothes/Fabrics you want to take, but you know what

kind, feeling, types of Clothes/Fabrics you want, please ask us; Blooming Factory’s full fabric

knowledge stuff! We can help you to find suitable or similar Clothes/Fabrics you are looking for.

Of course, any questions for Clothes/Fabrics (differences or personality of each clothes/fabrics)

are welcome!



② Great variety of Items for Art Flower making

Blooming Factory deal in wide range of Art Flower (Nunohana, Silk Flower, Fabric Flower,

Flower making) materials; Clothes/Fabrics, Cutout Petals, Peps (Stamens/Flower Cores), and

so on.

Necessary tools; Irons’ (soldering iron’s tools), Dyes, Wires, Scissors, and others, to make

Flowers (Nunohana, Silk Flower, Fabric Flower, Flower making) can be found at Blooming

Factory as well.

Blooming Factory deal in about 1,100 items for all together!






③ Tax Free and No Commissions

Blooming Factory do not charge Japanese Consumption Tax (10% of each items) from our

International customers. (Tax Free)

Moreover, Blooming Factory bare PayPal payment commissions (about 4% of total amount

<items total + postage>) for you; you will not be charged. 

 In addition, our customers will not be charged any other commissions’ (Box, packing and any

other fees) from Blooming Factory.


④ Conscientious Packing

We; Blooming Factory, are very careful to contrive neat packing for avoiding damages (being

crushed, scratches) during customers’ parcels delivery.

At the same time, Blooming Factory is paying attentions to not make each parcels become

heavier, since all postages are calculated by the actual parcel weight for each time.

*Using Guide > About Postage

To avoid making the parcels heavy, Blooming Factory is trying to not use much (extra) cushion

materials, as well.


⑤ Treasuring Communications

Since Blooming Factory stuff cannot see each customers’ faces from all over the world, we are

cherishing “well-communications” with polite attitude, and well-confirmations to avoid each

other’s (Blooming Factory and customers) misunderstandings.

Of course, any inquires or favors are welcome!

For example, any favors for shipping details, major amount orders, searching items/materials,

and so on.

To avoid misunderstandings and get confirmation from all customers, we are sending

“Confirmation e-mails” at each order processing points; received and checked orders, when

PayPal invoice sent and payment received, dispatching parcels with parcel tracing number,

and so on.